Welcome to Fibrehop! The following steps will guide you through how to set up your Fibrehop service...

  1. Power on your CityFibre modem
  2. Switch on your CityFibre modem at the wall socket and check that the modem lights are on.
  3. Connect the CityFibre modem to your Fibrehop router
  4. Locate the white cable with yellow tips. Plug one end of the cable into the CityFibre modem and the other end into the red port on the Fibrehop router.
  5. Plug in and power up your Fibrehop router
  6. Connect your Fibrehop router into mains power. Switch on the power button on the router if the lights do not come on automatically.
  7. Wait for the connection to be established
  8. You will see lights on both the CityFibre modem and your Fibrehop router come on. Wait for 2-3 minutes for this to complete and for a service to be established.
  9. Connect to the WiFi
  10. Use the details printed on the router to connect your devices to WiFi.

If you have carried out the above steps and you are having an issue with your service, please call us on 0330 333 4114 to raise a ticket with our customer support team.

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