Fibrehop Product Overview

Fibrehop Product Overview

Package details

Fibrehop Business Light

  • 150 Mbps full-fibre connection over CityFibre's network
  • 12-month contract
  • £55 per month
  • £135 set-up
  • Maximum speed: 150Mbps
  • Estimated broadband speed:  130-150Mbps

Fibrehop Business Classic

  • 150 Mbps full-fibre connection over CityFibre's network
  • Static IPv4 address included
  • 12-month contract
  • £65 per month
  • £135 set-up
  • Maximum speed: 150Mbps
  • Estimated broadband speed:  130-150Mbps

Fibrehop Business Pro

  • 1 Gbps full-fibre connection over CityFibre's network
  • Static IPv4 address included
  • 12-month contract
  • £75 per month
  • £135 set-up
  • Maximum speed: 940Mbps
  • Estimated broadband speed:  700-940Mbps

Router specifications

Model: Technicolour DGA 0122

Number of LAN ports: 4

Power cable adaptor: Yes

VOIP phone compatible: Yes

Parental control: No

Frequently asked questions

What speeds will I get?

Your Fibrehop router will be capable of delivering ultrafast speeds of 160/940Mbps over a wired connection depending which package you select, so if you are ‘wired up’ and your equipment can handle it, you’ll be able to use as much as you need. While our Fibrehop routers use the latest WiFi 6 technology, WiFi speeds can be affected by a vast number of factors, including the capability of your hardware, the distance from the router to your device and interference from other devices using WiFi or radio signals.  For more information on speeds & WiFi, visit  

I need guaranteed speeds.

If the minimum speeds on Fibrehop aren’t enough for your needs, you may be able to access business grade full-fibre and leased line services via our parent company, Triangle. These offer guaranteed minimum speeds ranging from 100Mbps and 1Gbps depending on the product selected. Triangle's business services also offer guaranteed ‘fix’ timescales in the event of a fault. For more information about this and all other business services please contact the Triangle team at

Can I use my own router?

So that we can ensure you receive the best service, we need to provide our Fibrehop router with the connection. If you do want to use your own router, we can provide your connection details. As we are unable to support other routers, we'd need you to reconnect your Fibrehop router if you experience any connection problems. We're unable to advise on router compatibility, our router is specifically chosen and configured for the Fibrehop service. If you need advice on setting up an alternative router, we can introduce you to one of our local IT support partners.

Will I get a static IP address?

If you select the Fibrehop Business Classic or Fibrehop Business Pro package, you will get a static IPv4 address included with your package.

Will I need WiFi extenders or internal cabling?

Depending on the structure and layout of your building, you may choose to use Wi-Fi extenders to improve your WiFi speeds across the premises. If this is the case, you can give your WiFi a boost and access hard-to-reach areas using internal cabling, third-party WiFi solutions or by using equipment such as the TP-Link Deco 5 and Ubiquity products, available online.

Will I get a landline with my Fibrehop service?

No, you will not get a landline with your Fibrehop service. Please note that customers will need to make alternative arrangements for calls that may need to be made to emergency services. You may choose to keep your analogue line if you need it.

Can I transfer my landline?

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer your phone line. If you’d like to keep your existing landline then you’ll need to arrange that with your provider or find a provider that offers a Voice over IP (‘VoIP’) only services such as Vonage

Will you cap my internet speeds or limit my data usage?

No – we believe in life without limits! We do have an acceptable usage policy which states how Fibrehop for business can be used, to ensure that there is enough bandwidth for everyone on our network. You can find this here:

What will happen to my existing landline and broadband contract when I sign up?

We’ll be installing a new full-fibre line which won’t impact your existing landline. If you’d like to cancel your existing contract, you’ll need to get in touch with your provider to do this.  

How will I be billed?

Payment will be made by Direct Debit on a monthly basis. You’ll have access to the MyFibrehop portal where you can access your account information. You should receive your login details via email when you sign up. If you haven’t received this then let us know by emailing  

What if I am unable to pay my bill?

Please let us know if for whatever reason you are unable to pay your bill. Our friendly team will do their best to find a suitable solution so that you can stay connected. Please get in touch with us at

I’m moving premises and there is an existing service live with another provider, what do I do?

Firstly, the current occupant of the property must agree a cease date for their existing broadband service with their provider before we can place an order for a Fibrehop service at this address. You’ll need to get in touch with them to agree a cease date that suits you both. Once a cease date is agreed for the existing service then we can arrange for your Fibrehop service to start on the same day. Please note that we have no control over the cease with the other provider, if this does not go through on the day agreed we will be unable to transfer your service until it has.

Any other questions?

If your questions have not been answered here, please get in touch with us at